Reasons Why a Folding Bike is the Best Commuter Bike

Buying a folding bike is the solution to a long commute to the office. Although some do not like the idea of buying it because people around may laugh at them, it is still the best commuter bike to ever consider. One could just easily assemble it and one could ride off it.

Investing your money in a folding bike could prove to be really advantageous over other traditional and big-style bicycles. Below are the reasons why a folding bike is the best commuter bike;

Makes you Just Look Cool

Even though some think that riding a folding bike is like training a circus act, the truth is that it depends on what it does for you. For as long as you know how to fold it properly, you will also look just like a boss after you folded it in less than twenty seconds. You could pick it up and you could walk inside the office. You could also swiftly bypass other cyclists who wrestle with their padlocks and chains and who dismantle wheels and saddles just to make it sure that no one will steal them.

Extremely Practical

With a folding bike, it is just the most practical way of going to an important meeting. This just lets you fold it down and get on the tram. You could just cut the rush hour traffic and get off on the other side. You could cruise the last two miles into your office. This will help save you a lot of cash on your transport fees. You can also shave forty-five minutes of your daily commute in both ways. This bike will allow you to combine cycling with other transports.

By hopping off and on public transport, you will be enjoying independence and freedom from being an unwilling participant in a commuter rat race. You also definitely get to your destination into the city a lot quicker and easier.

Conversation Starter

People will definitely think that you have made life changing decisions. And, they may think that you have got the work-life balance from commuting using a folding bike. Whenever you will break your bike down, they will come up and will ask you more about the contraption in your hands. It is just a good conversation starter and it will never get things boring.

Makes you Fitter than Going to the Gym

You can just become fitter by riding a folding bike. This will enable you to become active and to work out on your free time. This will help you become healthy and fit. Learn more by checking on their Stowabike 20 buyers guide.

Now, you have all the reasons in mind why a folding bike is the best commuter bike, so far!


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