How To Get More Fresh Water Into Your Diet

The simple secret for getting enough water into your body is to replace all beverages with nothing other than filtered or bottled water. Find out more about sleep apnea mouth guard from Positive Health Wellness – In other words, eliminate soft drinks from your diet completely and, instead, ordered bottled water with your meals. Don’t worry about hurting the financial standing of companies like Coca-Cola, since they own the Dasani brand of bottled water (which is made from filtered water, not spring water, by the way).

At breakfast time, replace your milk or orange juice with filtered water as well. In fact, you should rely on water as the only beverage you drink, except in rare circumstances.

In my own experience, I drink absolutely no beverages other than water. I don’t drink coffee, tea, alcohol, fruit juices, milk, or any other beverage. I only drink filtered water or spring water. And that’s an important point: the only way to truly enjoy water is to get water that tastes good. Too many people try to switch to water by drinking tap water. That’s a terrible strategy, since tap water tastes awful! It’s contaminated with chemicals like chlorine and fluoride, and it probably comes from a water source loaded with all sorts of chemicals and pesticides. You obviously don’t want to be ingesting that water in your body in the first place, regardless of what it tastes like.

The very best water you can drink is natural spring water from companies like Evian. This is the best water you can buy, but it’s also a rather expensive way to meet your body’s water requirements. The next best thing is to get your own water filter or purchase bottled, filtered water. However, it doesn’t take a math genius to figure out that if you’re going to drink filtered water, you might as well make it yourself from your own kitchen faucet rather than purchasing filtered water in plastic bottles. And from my research and product testing, even the most commonly available, simple faucet water filters are very good. Personally, I purchase Pur water filters which are available at any Wal-Mart or other retailers. The water produced by Pur filters tastes wonderful, and it is by far the cheapest way to get pure water into your diet.

The bottom line is to remember this: don’t drink tap water, period. But drink a lot of filtered water or natural spring water. The fact that you are following a low carbohydrate diet means your need for pure water is much higher than other people.


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